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Outreach activities

Outreach - opening the doors of the Institute

child with microscope

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The Gurdon Institute works hard to explain its work to schools and members of the public by holding open days and by organising seminars and workshops for core staff and local teachers. In addition, all group leaders are happy to visit local schools to explain their work and its implications. Some recent events include:

• The Mobile Lab - bringing scientists and microscopes into schools
The Mobile Lab is a new outreach project aimed at local primary schools. It has been developed by the Gurdon Institute and is supported by a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund grant.

the mobile labA team of enthusiastic volunteers from the Institute provide microscopes and all other equipment, and run a two hour workshop in the classroom to familiarise the children with the use of microscopes and to discover what a cell is. Our first two visits took place at the end of April 2014 in Arbury Primary School (Cambridge) with Year 5 children. The children and the teachers were very engaged and happy to be able to use 'real' scientific equipment to examine lots of samples including their own cheek cells.

I really enjoyed the workshop because I thought science was boring but now I think it’s really fun, especially because I got to look through a microscope! 

I did enjoy it because it was so interesting and it felt like I was a real scientist.

I enjoyed the workshop because it was the best science lesson ever!

The University organises an annual Science Festival, designed to engage and entertain children and adults alike in the broader community, and explain 'what science is really all about'. The Gurdon Institute participates most years, opening its doors and providing a range of hands-on demonstrations and experiences that illustrate the basis of our work. 300 people visited the Institute in our 2011 event.

child with microscope

The Gurdon institute is a sponsor of Cambridge Science Centre. Many institute scientists participated to the first event in 2011, ScienceXchange, that was attended by more than 700 people.

Run jointly by the Gurdon Institute and Cambridge University, this training was aimed for students and post-docs who wished to improve their communication skills with public of all ages and backgrounds.

Scientists form the Gurdon institute took part in the Further Education (FE) Summer school and the Group to Encourage Ethnic Minority Applications (GEEMA) Summer school.

child with microscope

The Gurdon Institute has welcomed two groups of alumni on the occasion of the Cambridge University Alumni weekend. The visitors met scientists and learned about the different approaches they use to pursue their research.

Institute scientists frequently visit local schools and colleges to talk about our work. We have also organized visits of the institute and seminars for students from abroad.

The institute has welcome many science enthusiasm students as part as their work experience.

child with microscope

Our group leaders take particular pleasure in speaking to members of our Core Staff to explain their work. Recent lunchtime lectures include: Rafael Carazo Salas: “Working out how cells get in shape”, Jon Pines: “Ask Picasso about cell division”, Jenny Gallop: “Reconstituting the actin cytoskeleton”, John Gurdon: “Can we have new brain cells from a piece of our skin?”.