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University of Cambridge Electronic Lab Notebook Trial 2017

Trial of Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software, University of Cambridge, June-August 2017

The evaluation period is now closed - please complete the relevant feedback forms (below) before 9am on Monday 21st August. 

Please refer to the following hints while completing the forms.

  • Interface design. Do you like the ‘look and feel’ of the software? Is it easy and intuitive to use? Does it seem efficient and well-designed?
  • Workflow suitability. Does the software enable you to describe your normal working methods well? Does it suit your experiments?
  • Content creation tools. Please experiment with all writing and drawing tools, annotation features etc. Does the software support markup language, mathematical equations, chemical structures etc?
  • File management features. Are you able to upload files of various types/formats/sizes? Can you upload multiple files at the same time? Do you like how the software stores/presents the catalogue of uploaded files? Does the file handling seem fast enough?
  • Integration with other software and/or cloud services. Some ELN products offer integration with Office applications, charting software, data repositories etc. Do these features seem well designed and useful to you?
  • Collaboration features. Are you able to share resources/comments with members of your group? Can you invite people outside of your group to view or contribute to your ELN?
  • PI/supervisor features. Does the platform provide adequate oversight of your group's activities, and tools for you to provide feedback? Can you control levels of access to resources for your group members?
  • Export features. Can you export pages/experiments/data in a format that’s useful? Can you export the entire notebook in PDF or other formats?



Training resources provided by the vendors may still be useful:


If you have any general questions about the trial or require non-vendor-specific support, please contact

Thanks very much again,

The University of Cambridge ELN Working Group