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Cambridge Science Centre

At October half term 2016, Gurdon Institute scientists are at the Cambridge Science Centre to explain why fruit flies are a good model for researching human disease

Stephanie Norwood, PhD student in the Brand lab, has been working on public engagement activities with the Cambridge Science Centre (CSC). The CSC is running special activities for October 2016 half term on the theme of ‘Life in Miniature’, featuring microscopy, bacteria and mini-beasts. As part of this, Stephanie gave a talk on 24 October at 12pm and again at 2pm about ‘Why the Fly?’, describing the use of fruit flies as a model organism in biomedical research.

Why not take the kids along to visit the Centre?

The CSC is open 10am-5pm, 22nd-30th October. Normal admission charges apply.

For more information visit the CSC website pages about the theme.

Steph and audience at CSC