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Lectures and Fellowships

Anne McLaren Fellowships (University of Nottingham)

Three-year Fellowships for female researchers in STEM subjects, linked to an established academic post and including the opportunity for international mobility across the University of Nottingham's Campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China.

Geertje van der Heijden, School of Geography
Fang Xu, Faculty of Engineering
Anna Maria Piccinini, School of Pharmacy

Kirsty Bolton, School of Mathematical Sciences
Catherine Harvey, Faculty of Engineering
Molly Bright, School of Medicine
Virginia Panizzo, School of Geography

Beatriz Olmos-Sanchez, Physics and Astronomy
Karen Mullinger, Physics and Astronomy

Rachel Thomas, Biomedical Sciences
Clare Burrage, Physics and Astronomy
Nina Hatch, Physics and Astronomy

Libby Gibson, Chemistry
Katherine Jones, Biology
Laura Edwards, Clinical Sciences
Sophie Mowles, Biosciences