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The Gurdon Institute

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Hello again... We hope you're well and enjoying life beyond the Institute - and that the sun is shining on you and yours, wherever you are! So what's your news? Changed jobs? Changed contact details? We would be delighted to hear from you. You can email us at any time, or provide new info using the...

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Leaving the Institute?

Information for leavers Extended access to Email, Journals, Datastore and Mailing lists: Email & journals : The University Computing Service will only provide access to network resources for current students, faculty and staff of the University, and official academic visitors. Academic visitors...

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Contact Us

Please note that the content you provide here will be seen by several people in the Institute, including our reception team who will forward it to the correct recipient. If your message is private or confidential , please use this form ONLY to request the recipient's personal email address, which...

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CL2 waste

Thank you for using this system. Please make sure you tick the correct room number. And do not forget: autoclave tape, name and date on the Biobin, autoclave bags and containers! CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FORM