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The Gurdon Institute


Hello again...

We hope you're well and enjoying life beyond the Institute - and that the sun is shining on you and yours, wherever you are!

So what's your news? Changed jobs? Changed contact details? We would be delighted to hear from you. You can  at any time, or provide new info using the following short form.

A note about the information you give us

Please be aware that contact information you provide on this form will be kept in the Gurdon Institute’s password-protected Communications Database. We will use the information for a range of purposes, which may in future include emailing you Institute newsletters (envisaged as two or three times per year) or posting you copies of our annual Prospectus. We will also combine anonymised data such as alumni work roles and locations for statistics at Institute level.

  • Please continue to notify us via this form next time you change role or address.
  • We will NOT pass your contact data to third parties except where essential to perform our communications activities (such as supplying postal addresses on a spreadsheet to a UK-based mailing house to post out the Prospectus).
  • To unsubscribe from ALL of our communications products please insert UNSUBSCRIBE under 'Any other information'.
  • Our full data protection statement regarding communications activities is here. If you have any questions about these uses of your data, please email the .
  • Note that the information you provide here will only be held in Gurdon Institute systems. If you wish to update the information about you that the University holds, you should also visit the Cambridge Alumni website.



Thank you! It's great to hear what past Institute members are up to. Best of luck, wherever life takes you.