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The Gurdon Institute


Information for leavers

Extended access to Email, Journals, Datastore and Mailing lists:

Email & journals: The University Computing Service will only provide access to network resources for current students, faculty and staff of the University, and official academic visitors. Academic visitors must be demonstrably working within the laboratory, and be pre-registered with UCS. UCS cannot grant extended access to anyone whose contract has finished but who still has some work to do to complete papers etc - this is forbidden by journal subscription terms.

Before your email account is disabled:

Steps to take (at least one month before leaving):

1) If you've only ever used the Hermes Webmail interface (so all of your mail resides on the Hermes servers), you should configure a 'POP' mail program on your own computer to download the entire archive, then transfer it to your preferred portable medium.

2) If you don't have a 'private' email address (Gmail/Hotmail/etc), sign up for one as soon as you can, even if you've been provided with a new address from your next place of work.

3) Set up redirection of your Hermes email to your preferred alternative email address, and reply to any correspondence from that address, including an instruction to use the address for all future messages

4) Set up the Hermes Vacation Message with subject: "Autoresponse - please note my new address"

5) While you continue to send messages from your Hermes account, add a line to your signature instructing recipients to update their address books.

6) Go to, and click on 'Your page', and then Edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page and, in the row labelled 'Leaving email address', Add your alternate email address to the Value field, and ensure its Visibility (right-hand column) is set to Private.

The Computing Service "Leaving" page has further useful information specific to Staff and Students.

Payslips and other payroll/tax documents:

Please note that when your University account is suspended, you will no longer be able to access the Self Service section of the University website, so you will not be able to download payslips, p60 certificates, or any other payroll documents. If you have opted out of paper payslips and rely on the online service, please make sure that you have downloaded all the files you think you might need for any future tax purposes, before your CRSid becomes disabled.


A note about the information you give to us

Please be aware that role and contact information you provide on this form will be kept in the Gurdon Institute’s password-protected Communications Database. We will use the information for a range of purposes, which may in future include emailing you Institute newsletters (envisaged as two or three times per year) or posting you copies of our annual Prospectus. We will also combine anonymised data such as alumni work roles and locations for statistics at Institute level.

  • After leaving, please use the Alumni update form to let us know of any further updates and changes to your role or address.
  • We will NOT pass your contact data to third parties except where essential to perform our communications activities (such as supplying postal addresses on a spreadsheet to a UK-based mailing house to post out the Prospectus).
  • To unsubscribe from ALL our communications products please insert UNSUBSCRIBE in the same box with your Forwarding address, below.
  • Our full data protection statement regarding communications activities is here. If you have any questions about these uses of your data, please email the

Finally: we would like to include short details of your next role in our internal newsletter, News@Gurdon. If you would prefer NOT to be included in the newsletter, please tick the appropriate box in the form below.


Leaver's form - Part 1 (checklist)

After completion of this form you'll be taken to Part 2, which provides an opportunity for you to describe, in confidence, your experiences in the Institute. Any information you provide in Part 2 will be extremely valuable, and we'd be very grateful if you would take the time to answer as many questions as you can.