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Migrating from Hermes to Exchange Online

The University’s Hermes email system will be switched off in December 2021. Its replacement – Microsoft Exchange Online – offers several advantages: 

  • A 100GB mailstore quota;
  • A good webmail interface via  
  • Integration with Outlook calendars and Teams;
  • Easy delegation of access where a co-worker is required to operate email on behalf of the account owner.

It also presents a few challenges:

  • Some  email programs don't work very well with ExOL. We can support Outlook and Apple Mail well; others on a best-efforts basis, and we'd discourage use of Thunderbird. Contact the for more information or if you have any questions about your preferred email program.
  • Full calendar integration is only available if you use Outlook for calendaring;
  • It currently only supports @cam addresses as outgoing identities – you won’t be able to send or reply with your @gurdon address. 


If you're ready to switch:

  1. Follow the UIS instructions to change your account and move any mail that is currently store in Hermes over to the Exchange Online server. This may take a while, if you have a lot of mail stored in Hermes, but the dashboard will provide information.
  2. When step 1 is complete, open your current email client and add a new Exchange account, using as your username.
  3. Confirm that all of your old Hermes messages/folders are visible and accessible in the new account.


If you’re happy to stick with your current email program, that’s all you need to do. If you’d like to switch to Outlook, then follow the next steps:

  1. Identify the mail folders that are stored locally on your computer (Normally in a section of the sidebar entitled 'On My Computer' or 'On My Mac') and copy them into your Exchange account. This may take a LONG time, if you have many years of stored emails to migrate.
  2. Once all of your mail is stored on the Exchange server, quit your email program and install Outlook (if not already installed on your computer, it’s available at ), then set up your Exchange account using your address as your username.