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General password recommendations:

ALWAYS use strong passwords. You can test the strength of your passwords here:

Strong passwords don’t need to be complex - they only need to be long. For example: 'flashyhamsterbot' is much stronger than 'a4gG@h'. It’s also easier to remember, faster to type, less prone to problems caused by keyboard variations. Unless the system you’re working with _requires_ a complex password, a good approach is to simply join three random words together.

DO use lots of different passwords. The fewer systems that are protected by a common password, the better.

• DO NOT use a 'password system', like: (hamsterbot1, hamsterbot2 , hamsterbot3) OR (bankhamster, shoppinghamster, microscopehamster), or anything else that might enable someone who has learned one of your passwords, to guess your other passwords.

• DO NOT keep a file on your computer containing all of your passwords, even if it’s codenamed and well hidden in a nest of subdirectories. It’s not difficult for a computer’s search function to find a document that contains sets of words like 'Raven, Santander, Gmail, Amazon' etc.

• Use of a Password Manager program is highly recommended - this will enable you to apply strong, unique passwords to each of your online accounts (and securely store a variety of other private data types), but you'll only have to remember a single password. Gurdon Institute members can purchase discounted 1Password licenses - please contact the computing office for details.


University and Institute password information:

• If you forget your Raven password, and you have not configured the University's 'self-service reset' tool, then contact the Institute Computing Office in person or by telephone (01223 762556) for assistance. Please note that Computing Staff are not permitted to send new passwords by email.

• If you do know your Raven password, and would like to change it, you can do this at any time using the UIS Password Management page. You can also use this page to configure the self-service reset tool.

If you have any questions or need help with any of the above, please pop into the Computing Office at any time.