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SBS-Webinars license - guidelines for users

  1. This single/shared license is an experiment that we hope will provide greater accessibility and flexibility for all depts in the School, but it does create some potential for confusion, conflicts and misuse. Please use the license responsibly and considerately.
  2. Do not share the license credentials with anyone else. Each participating department has two webinar organisers – please contact if you need to assign another.
  3. Do not use this license to organise regular Zoom meetings - use it for webinars only.
  4. A Teams chat will be created for the group so you can collaborate if required, and so that the administrators can post any important messages.
  5. To save you all from bombardment by confusing email notifications that are not related to your own webinars, the license email address is set to forward all emails to, rather than a mailing list. We will not forward any simple 'meeting is about to start' notifications or confirmation of deleted webinars etc, but we will put any important communications into the Teams chat.
  6. Note that Zoom will allow you to schedule overlapping webinars, but it will not allow two webinars to run simultaneously. As soon as any webinar is started, any other currently active webinar will immediately and rudely close. Please always check that your desired time-slot is available in the ‘upcoming webinars’ tab, before making any booking. 
  7. You MUST leave a 30-minute gap between all bookings. This is to allow 15mins for small overruns, and also 15 mins for early starts in Practice Mode. Please do not artificially extend your booking to increase your overrun time. And please do not open Practice Mode more than 15 minutes before your webinar is due to start.
  8. When organising your webinar (using the shared credentials) please add your own name (with the prefix 'HOST') and email address to the list of panellists, so that you can be contacted by others in this group if necessary.
  9. Since this is a single shared license, you will all technically be 'Hosts' for every webinar that's organised by the license. You won't receive any notifications, so please take responsibility for setting your own calendar reminders, and starting your own webinars.
  10. Also note that all recordings, transcripts and past webinar data will be visible to all other sbs-webinar users
  11. If you cancel or change a booking that has already been established, please post details in the Teams chat, in case that creates an opportunity for others.
  12. If you have any questions or need help, please email , or post a message in the Teams chat.