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Current vacancies 

The Gurdon Institute is seeking candidates for a Group Leader appointment with interests and expertise in Cancer Cell Biology and Cellular Mechanisms Responding to Ionising Radiation.  The successful applicant will receive a generous 5-year start-up package provided via the Cambridge Cancer Centre and the Cancer Research UK RadNet initiative. You will have full access to all Gurdon Institute facilities, including those in the group of Prof. Steve Jackson.

Closing date: 22nd November 2019.      (Privacy and Data Protection policy)


Fengzhu Xiong researchOur newest Group Leader, Dr Fengzhu Xiong, is offering a 4-yr PhD studentship on a project titled 'Tissue mechanics in body axis symmetry'. The Xiong lab is interested in the role and regulation of tissue mechanics in morphogenesis (shape change) during development. They integrate a variety of tools from imaging to soft matter physics, with the long-term goal of quantitatively predicting morphogenesis.

Closing date: 7th January 2020.      (Privacy and Data Protection policy)


Applications are open for a Research Associate/Assistant (Fixed term) post in Azim Surani's lab for investigating human peri-implantation development, including the generation and analysis of relevant synthetic embryos using stem cells. A specific aim of the project within the broader aspects of epiblast development is to establish the origin of human primordial germ cells in the context of peri/post-gastrulation human development, and their properties during the subsequent progression of the germ cell lineage.

Closing date: 22nd November 2019.       (Privacy and Data Protection policy)


Brand neural stem cellsAndrea Brand's lab is searching for a lab-based Postdoctoral Scientist /Computational Biologist to generate and analyse data from single cell RNAseq and Targeted DamID analyses of neural stem cells and their progeny. The ideal candidate should have completed a PhD in biological science (or related discipline) and have experience in bioinformatics. 

Closing date: 30th November 2019.       (Privacy and Data Protection policy)


R Assistnat SPJProf Andrea Brand seeks a Research Project Manager/ Information Scientist to work on projects studying the regulation of neural stem cell proliferation and quiescence. The successful candidate will be responsible for monitoring current literature, assisting with the preparation of research manuscripts and grant applications, liaising with grant funding bodies, maintaining and updating the lab's website and promoting the lab's research on social media.

Closing date: 30th November 2019.       (Privacy and Data Protection policy)