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19.03.18 Invitation to a special seminar by Jody Rosenblatt, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Utah, USA

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Join us to hear about Jody Rosenblatt's research into the role of cell extrusion from epithelia, in health and disease

Everyone is welcome to attend

Jody Rosenblatt poster

Abstract: What links cell division to cell death in order to maintain constant epithelial cell densities? We found that mechanical forces control both processes: cell stretching triggers rapid cell division, whereas, crowding causes cell death by a process we call ‘epithelial extrusion’, in which cells fated to die are seamlessly squeezed out from epithelia. Extrusion is essential for maintaining correct epithelial cell densities. We find a growing number of diseases result from misregulation of extrusion. Excessive extrusion disrupts epithelial barrier, causing inflammation and infection hyper-sensitivity after an asthma attack. Conversely, oncogenic mutations hijack apical extrusion signaling and promote a class of aggressive tumors, which invade via a new mechanism—basal extrusion.

Studying development to understand disease

The Gurdon Institute is funded by Wellcome and Cancer Research UK to study the biology of development, and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in cancer and other diseases.

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