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09.10.19 Rawlins lab researchers are captured in oils for The Rising Tide exhibition at UL

last modified Oct 09, 2019 01:57 PM
Artist Caroline Walker watched and photographed researchers at the bench in the Rawlins lab at the Gurdon Institute and created a stunning, large-format oil painting for the University Library's upcoming exhibition, 'The Rising Tide: Women at Cambridge'.

Striking new painting of female scientists dominates entrance of Cambridge University Library

Caroline Walker whole UL painting


A new 1.75m x 2.4m oil on linen painting has been commissioned especially for Cambridge University Library's The Rising Tide: Women at Cambridge exhibition, and will be displayed prominently in the entrance of Cambridge University Library from Monday 14th October.

The painting, by artist Caroline Walker, depicts female scientists working on lung stem cell research at the Wellcome Trust/ Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute and is part of Walker’s ongoing series of paintings of women at work, which includes subjects as diverse as hotel housekeeping staff and Savile Row tailors. 

Walker spent time shadowing the female scientists at the Gurdon Institute, taking photographs and then working with the images in her studio to create a scene which captures the busy environment of a working laboratory. 

---- From University Library photo caption press release ----


See BBC News website for more information about the exhibition. 

Read more about research in the Rawlins lab.

Watch Group Leader Emma Rawlins describe her research in this short YouTube video.

Studying development to understand disease

The Gurdon Institute is funded by Wellcome and Cancer Research UK to study the biology of development, and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in cancer and other diseases.

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