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07.03.18 Invitation to a special seminar by Giacomo Cavalli, Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier

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Come and hear Giacomo Cavalli discuss his research in the fields of 3D genomics and epigenetic regulation, and present his future research goals

Everyone is welcome to attend

GiacomoCavalli special seminar

Abstract:  Epigenetic machineries have to accomplish contrasting tasks, on the one hand, they need to maintain the memory of chromatin states through development and sometimes even across generations. On the other hand, they must drive or permit regulatory changes in response to intrinsic or extrinsic cues. Among epigenetic machineries, Polycomb Group (PcG) and trithorax group (trxG) proteins play pivotal roles in both cell memory and plasticity. They form multimeric protein complexes that regulate chromatin via histone modifications, modulation of nucleosome remodelling activities and regulation of 3D chromosome architecture. PcG and trxG complexes dynamically bind to some of their target genes and affect cell proliferation and differentiation in a wide variety of biological processes. Polycomb group proteins form two main complexes, PRC2 and PRC1, which co-regulate a subset of their target genes, whereas others are regulated by only one of the complexes. Polycomb and trithorax components are important players in the regulation of 3D genome architecture. We have previously described the 3D architecture of the fly and mouse genome and identified the Polycomb system as one of the fundamental folding and regulatory principles. I will discuss our progress in the fields of 3D genomics and epigenetic regulation and present our future research goals.

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