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02.03.18 Invitation to a special seminar by Rama Khokha, University of Toronto

last modified Mar 02, 2018 02:41 PM
Come and hear Rama Khokha talk about her research on tissue homeostasis and its disintegration in cancer and disease

Everyone is welcome to attend 

 RamaKhokha full poster 

AbstractWe work to unravel the biological complexity of tissue homeostasis since its disintegration underlies cancer and disease. Control over structural scaffolds, stem & progenitor cell populations, and instructive signals is essential for healthy aging of tissues. Our focus on mammary gland biology has led to us identify critical hormonal signals responsible for triggering significant stem/progenitor cell expansions in the adult breast, and signaling pathways central to this process. Understanding the mammary stem cell dynamics informs us about breast cancer risk as well as offers new strategies for developing chemopreventive options.


Institute reopening

The Gurdon Institute reopened on Monday 15th June. Many staff will continue to work from home, and all staff may be contacted by email.

Studying development to understand disease

The Gurdon Institute is funded by Wellcome and Cancer Research UK to study the biology of development, and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in cancer and other diseases.

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