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The Gurdon Institute


Public Engagement Team

 Our programme and team is funded by Wellcome and the University of Cambridge.


Helene Doerflinger

Public Engagement Manager   


Natalie Walls

Public Engagement Coordinator



 Public Engagement Committee

The role of the Committee is to oversee and support the PE strategy and programme of the Gurdon Institute. The Committee reflects on the current programme and advises on the development of new projects.

The PE Committee meets four times a year, with extraordinary meetings arranged as necessary. 

The Committee's Terms of Reference are as follows:

1. To develop the PE strategy for the Institute to generate public engagement
2. To provide a forum to evaluate the success of current engagement activities and help develop and manage new initiatives
3. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate activities to generate impact
4. To further develop and implement strategy for embedding public engagement activities as an intrinsic part of research across the Institute
5. To review internal and external sources of funding for public engagement activities
6. To oversee the communication of impact and public engagement activities
7. To report to the Director of the Institute and the Group Leader meetings after each committee meeting.



Weronica Fic

Post Doc, St Johnston Lab


Becky Jones

PE Manager, SCI

     Katherine Wallington

Katherine Wallington

Business & Operations Manager



Claire O'Brien

Communications Officer


Alex Sossick

Head of Microscopy


Bernhard Strauss

Post Doc, Huch Lab


     Diogo G

Diogo Gomes

Public Engagement Coordinator

for the Schools of Clinical Medicine

and Biological Sciences


Dawei Sun

PhD Student, Rawlins Lab


Phil Zegerman

Group Leader