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The Gurdon Institute


The Institute's Seed Fund Project for 2019, led by Stephanie Norwood, a former PhD student from the Brand Lab.



This is the ideal 'lockdown' project, where you can unleash your creativity and use some free time to learn about what's inside a cell. Read on...


  • Discover the world inside a cell through crochet!
  • Make your very own crochet cell and add it to our community blanket.
  • Get your FREE illustrated instructions (links at top right) and find out more about what's inside a cell
  • Share your work with us, or ask our scientists questions at


We would love to find out what you've made - share a photo on social media and use these tags

@GurdonInstitute    @StitchingSci    #crochetcell




The project was first designed to engage crafters in the local area through a series of knitting workshops. Participants create a detailed crochet cell containing various organelles and discuss the different parts of the cell with scientists as they knit. But we are providing all the information so you can do this in the comfort of your own home, and share the results on social media.


Even in this virtual environment we can still achieve some of the project aims:

  • create an informal environment for scientists to interact with local communities and learn a new craft;
  • disseminate information about research projects at the Gurdon Institute to the local community and beyond; and
  • increase public trust in science and research by meeting with scientists in an informal setting.

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Crochet Instructions

Create your own crochet cell from home - click below to download illustrated instructions (suitable for beginners and more advanced crocheters). 

Crochet Cell Part 1: Cytoplasm

Crochet Cell Part 2: Plasma Membrane

Crochet Cell Part 3: Mitochondria