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Livesey lab collaborates with artist David Blandy

The Livesey lab is one of three taking part in our collaborative project, Experiments in Art & Science

David Blandy Lewis Ahley


Livesey lab members Lewis Evans and Ashley Campbell explain their neuronal culture system to artist David Blandy (left). The third scientist from the lab in the collaboration is Alessio Strano.

The Livesey lab work on a range of projects on development, evolution and degeneration of the brain, principally using reprogrammed human stem cells in culture.

The first output from the collaboration is the video you can watch at top right on this page: 'Borked Brain' by David Blandy, released in May 2018.


More about research in the Livesey lab.

Livesey lab website.


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Video: 'Borked Brain' by David Blandy