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Green Man Music Festival

Green Man Festivals PageIn 2017, the Institute hosted a stand at Einstein's Garden, a science engagement area at Green Man Music Festival. Einstein's Garden has science-themed talks, workshops, theatre, and hands-on experiments. At our stand, festival-goers explored themes in developmental biology by creating a specialised cell out of colourful felt. The cells made by attendees were added to a large banner, eventually representing the different tissues within a human body. 

Developmental biology is all about understanding how one cell, the fertilised egg, gives rise to the more than 30 trillion cells that form an adult body, containing more than 200 cell types (e.g. skin, blood, muscle). Each cell type has specific functions which are often reflected by the cell's shape.

Through crafting their own specialised cells, attendees engaged in discussions with our scientists about stem cells, cell division and cell differentiation. 

The aims of this project were to demonstrate the fascination that developmental biology can inspire, stimulate and sustain interest in fundamental research, and raise awareness of Gurdon Institute of research, while developing our public engagement skills.