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International young scientists

Our school and student visitors sometimes come from far afield

When schools and colleges contact us from abroad to suggest they would like to bring their aspiring science students to visit us face to face, we are often able to accommodate special visits.  These usually take a similar form to the sixth-form visits, with a presentation and a tour of certain labs and facilities, for example to provide an insight into our advanced microscopes.  Such visits are usually hosted by Helene Doerflinger and Bernhard Strauss.


Ten undergraduate and graduate alumni of the German Cancer Centre training programme visited for an afternoon to learn about the full range of our research topics.

Fifty-five visitors came as part of the University of Cambridge International Summer School for a presentation about the research at the Institute and a hands-on session with microscopes. The age range included sixth formers, undergraduates and even a couple of mature students, and among these some were not studying science nor had experienced using a microscope, so this was a unique opportunity for them.

Three teachers brought 33 Year 9 school students from André Malraux Secondary School in Paris.

Naoko Irie (Surani lab) led a visit of five students and two teachers from Yokohama Science Frontier High School.


Six Bachelor's students from Tokyo Institute of Technology visited as part of their International Research Opportunities Program (TiROP).


15 A-level students from Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, Denmark.


A group from Yokohama Science Frontier High School, Japan, had a presentation and tour of the Institute from Kei Minamoto (Gurdon lab) and then took part in seminars with John Gurdon and Bernhard Strauss.