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CSF 2019The Gurdon Institute participates in the Cambridge Science Festival every March. The Science Festival provides the public with opportunities to explore and discuss issues of scientific interest and concern and to raise aspirations by encouraging young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

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2019 - Talk series - "In conversation..."

We hosted a series of free evening talks followed by informal discussions with refreshments and nibbles. Eric Miska, Julie Ahringer, and Andrea Brand gave talks, followed by mingling with the audience and their lab members for more personalised questions and discussion over drinks. 

Visitors said "Excellent format: a brilliant lecturer and then time to ask questions informally”; "Nice and friendly atmosphere"; "Extremely interesting".

Our scientists said: "The level of enthusiasm from the audience and the nature of questions was amazing".

2018 Open Day - "Life under the lens"

Three hundred visitors came to the  Institute to discuss microscopy with our scientists. Visitors made a take-home microscope with their smartphone and tried out our powerful laboratory microscopes while talking with our scientists. 

2017 Open Day - "Make and test your own microscope"

The microscope is a window to the incredible ‘small world’ of life. Nearly 400 visitors came to find out more about biology under the microscope, meet our scientists to discuss how today's microscopy is pushing the boundaries of what can be observed, and build and test their own microscopes. We also held a Zoombox photo competition (see the winning entries here.)

making zoom boxes

2016 Stand at the Guildhall - Worms, flies and frogs: What can they teach us about human disease?

Our theme was model animals as used in Gurdon Institute research: the worm, the fly and the frog. How do they help us understand human biology and disease? We had samples to view and listen to, mini-quizzes and posters on life cycles, and plenty of volunteers to help with microscopes and answering questions.

2015 Open Day - One body: a multitude of cells

We invited our visitors to explore how the human body is made of trillions of cells and investigate how one cell, the egg, can give rise to so many different cells organised in such an amazingly precise pattern. We had lots of hands-on activities and discussion with scientists.

We opened our doors to members of the public, providing a room full of hands-on activities about developmental biology and cancer biology. The activities were designed to be accessible to all, including: watch the first division of a frog egg, perform a nuclear transfer, see your own cheek cells, examine fluorescent worms, discover the lifestyle of the fly. Many scientists were on hand to guide visitors and answer questions.

There was also a lecture by Nobel Laureate John Gurdon, with limited tickets that were quickly snapped up. 

CSF2016 girl and scope  CSF2016 frog specimens  CSF2016 close up boy with scope 

CSF2016 whole room  CSF2016 boy at scope  CSF2016 explaining

CSF2016 listening to flies  CSF2016 can u hear me  CSF2016 girl scope and table

Photographs (c) 2016 brandAnonymous