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Sketchcrawl: inviting artists into the lab

Part of the 'Pint of Science' festival that brings scientists into contact with the public in unexpected places, the Creative Reaction Satellite event 'Sketchcrawl' was devised to bring artists into laboratories to capture images of scientists in action

Sketchcrawl at the Gurdon Institute

Three artists were hosted at the Gurdon Institute for Sketchcrawl for half a day each in March 2016.

Sophie Atkins visited Meri Huch's lab. She used pencil and black fine liners and coloured pencil crayons on paper for her pictures.  She reports on her experience:

"I had never been in a research lab before so it was exciting. I am interested in skilled hand movements, movement memory that has been learned and refined through doing the specific action. So, I wanted to capture the movements of the scientists. However, I'd set myself up for a real challenge as the scientists worked extremely fast (and with precision, as I had anticipated) which made the sketching very tricky."

 Atkins sketchcrawl 3 Atkins sketchcrawl 2 Atkins sketchcrawl 5    


Naomi Davies sketched in the Next-Generation Sequencing Facility and the Huch Lab.

Davies Sketchcrawl 2 Davies Sketchcrawl in action Davies Sketchcrawl 3 


Manual Ibanez SketchcrawlVictor-Manuel Ibanez visited Philip Zegerman's lab.  He used coloured conte pastels for this sketch. He comments:

"I've found the experience very calming and pleasing. I was immediately welcomed and made at ease by everyone in the building. The staff, whilst diligent with their own projects, were a good professional tight team ready to help with each others' requirements."