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Research group overview

The Gurdon Institute is a world-leading centre for research at the interface between developmental biology and cancer biology

Our group leaders are listed below, each with a link to their research page:

2017 Ahringer


Julie Ahringer

The regulation of chromatin architecture and function

2018 Miska


Eric Miska

Non-coding RNA and genome dynamics

2017 Brand


Andrea Brand

Time to wake up: regulation of stem cell quiescence and proliferation

2017 Rawlins


Emma Rawlins

Stem and progenitor cells in the mammalian lung

2018 Gallop


Jenny Gallop

Membranes, actin and morphogenesis

2017 Simons


Ben Simons

Mechanisms of stem cell fate in tissue development, maintenance and disease

2017 Gurdon


John Gurdon

Nuclear reprogramming by oocytes and eggs

2017 St Johnston


Daniel St Johnston

Polarising epithelial cells and body axes

2017 Hemberg


Martin Hemberg

Computational analyses of large genomic datasets

2018 Surani


Azim Surani

Human germ cell specification, programming and epigenetic inheritance

2018 Huch preferred


Meri Huch

Stem cells and tissue regeneration in liver and pancreas



Iva Tchasovnikarova

Genetic interrogation of epigenetic pathways

2017 Jackson


Steve Jackson

Maintenance of genome stability

2019 Xiong as prospectus


Fengzhu Xiong

Tissue morphogenesis by mechanics and cell dynamics

2017 Kouzarides


Tony Kouzarides

Epigenetic modifications and cancer

2018 Zegerman


Philip Zegerman

The regulation of DNA replication initiation in eukaryotes

2018 Ma


Hansong Ma

Genetics of mitochondrial DNA in evolution and disease