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Training & Events

Respect at Work

Thursday 13 June | 11.00:13.00 | Institute of Astronomy,  Sackler Lecture Theatre in the Hoyle Building

The Institute of Astronomy is hosting “Dignity and Respect at Work” workshops for ALL staff as part of the University wide E&D policy and training programme.

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Family Friendly Policies: Managers’ Responsibilities

Monday 17 June | 12.00:1.30pm | Clinical School, Seminar Room 5

Flexible working gives employees flexibility on where and when they work, allowing them to balance home and career. A panel of managers from the Clinical School will provide insight into their experience of supporting staff who work flexibly and the benefits and challenges such arrangements can bring.

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Race Awareness

Tuesday 25 June | 10.00:12.00 | 8 Mill Lane, Lecture Room 5

This will be an interactive workshop for those who would like to increase their understanding of race and racism. 

The aim of the session is not only to enhance participants’ confidence in speaking about race but also to provide them with tools to reflect on their role in the circulation of racism, and to build their capacity to challenge racism.

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Invisible Disabilities

Monday 1 July | 11:00-12:00 | 16 Mill Lane, Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs, Eastwood Room

Join Dr Sara Booth to learn more about the different types of disabilities and illnesses that are not always so obvious to spot. 

There will be practical hints and tips for individuals, and also for managers to support staff with such conditions.

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Securing the Financial Future of Women: 6 Moments That Matter 

Thursday 4 July | 13.30:14.30 | Dept of Zoology, Main Lecture Theatre

How to secure the financial future of the next generation: the 12 Perils and Pitfalls and 6 Moments that Matter in the lives of British women

Jane Portas, a co-founder of Insuring Women's Futures and a Partner at PwC, will share the highlights of her ground-breaking research into the financial lives of women in the UK. Jane's talk will cover the trends in British people's risks in life and how this impacts our financial resilience, identifying the key risks (Perils and Pitfalls) facing women and the cumulative effect of these on women's and all of our long term financial security. The session will reflect on changes in our working and family lives, and our health and wellbeing, and consider society's financial preparedness. Jane will introduce, and we will discuss, 6 Moments that Matter where positive interventions may be made to improve women's and all of our financial resilience, by women and men in society, employers, business, financial services, policymakers and the third sector.

This session is relevant for every man and woman who is interested in their and our society's financial future, those with an interest in the gender pay and pensions gaps, and wider socioeconomic matters such as financial inclusion, regulation and related policy developments.

Jane Portas is a Partner at PwC with 30 years’ experience of advising UK, EU and global insurance businesses on risk and regulation. She leads PwC's Insurance Brexit services, Customer & Conduct services for the Insurance sector, advice on Employee Financial Wellbeing and is the firm's Financial Inclusion leader. In 2017 she was called to provide expert evidence to the Treasury Committee on Solvency II and the impact of Brexit on the future UK regulatory regime. 

Insuring Women's Futures is a market-led programme established under the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the global professional body for insurance and financial planning, in collaboration with a wide variety of leading insurance and wider financial services professionals and firms, businesses, policy and third sector organisations, and experts on issues relating to women’s risks. It was established as part of the CII’s remit to improve public trust in insurance and financial planning and to ensure the profession remains relevant in serving the whole of society. For information about the programme, research reports, public Manifesto please visit:

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Trans Awareness

Monday 8 July | 12.30:1.30pm | Clinical School, Seminar Room 11

This session will set the wider context for trans identities, provide greater understanding of the experience of trans people and explore uses of language and key terms such as cisgender, non-binary and transgender, all in a safe supportive environment.

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Equality and Diversity Essentials

Self-taught - Online course (Raven login required)

This module is open to all University staff and it introduces Equality & Diversity at the University.

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Understanding unconscious bias

Self-taught - Online course (Raven login required)

This module is open to all University staff and it introduces Unconscious Bias and the impact it can have

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