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Scientist and Parent - Looking for the best of both words, eLIFE, Apr. 2018

Scientist and Parent - A question of time, eLIFE, Apr. 2018

Family-friendly science, Chemistry World, Nov 2018

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'It's painful and difficult': the students estranged from their families, The Guardian, Dec 2018

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"It was seen as weird", The Guardian, Oct. 2019


The Meaning of Success, University of Cambridge, 2014

The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes, The Guardian, Feb 2019

How some men are challenging gender inequity in the lab, Nature, Feb 2019

Request a woman scientist: A database for diversifying the public face of science, PLOS Biology, Apr 2019

Female scientists use less positive language about their work, The Guardian, Dec 2019

Impostor Syndrome

An antidote ot Impostor Syndrome, XRDS, Winter 2014

Yes, impostor syndrome is real. Here's how to deal with it, Time, Jun 2018

What is impostor syndrome and how can you combat it?, TED-Ed, Aug 2018 (YouTube video) 


Neurodiversity at work, CIPD, Feb 2018

Neurodiversity at work - research paper, Acas, Sep 2016


Out at Cambridge, Why LGBTQ+ disclosure matters to individuals and institutions, a report by lgbtQ+@cam, Oct. 2019

Equality in Science: an interview with Jim Smith, YouTube, Jan 2020


The Menopause, a practical guide for people managers, CIPD, Mar 2019

Workplaces must protect women going through menopause, say MPs, The Guardian, Aug. 2019

The menopause is a workplace issue: guidance and model policy, UNISON, Oct. 2019

Mental Health

Ph.D. students face significant mental health challenges, Science, Apr 2017

The price of grief, Nature, Sep 2018

Mental health stigma, Science, Sep 2018

Social Anxiety, Huffington Post, Mar 2019

Lab listener, mental health first aiders at the Crick, Nature, Nov 2018

I Left my cushy job to study depression, medium daily digest, Jan 2019

Children's Mental Health, Office National Statistics, Feb 2019

Being a PhD student shouldn't be bad for your health, Nature, May 2019

Mental Health in Academia - What about Faculty? eLife, Jan 2020


The real reasons why mentors change your life, Financial Time, Oct 2018

Men's fear of mentoring in the #MeToo era - What's at stake for academic medicine? N Engl J Med, Dec 2018

Unconscious Bias

Animated video on unconscious bias from the Royal Society

The Implicit Association Test for measuring implicit attitudes

Work Relationships / Leadership

Leadership problems in the lab, Nature, May 2018

How to fit in when you join a lab abroad, Nature, May 2018

The Duty to Speak Up, Nature Cell Biol, Sep 2018

Cultivating the Human Dimension in Research, Mol. Cell, Oct 2018

Be Human First, a Scientist Second, Nature, Nov. 2018

Does Science Have a Bullying Problem? Nature, Nov. 2018

University guidelines for the organisation of events and conferences

Inclusive Scientific Meetings,, Mar. 2019

How pastimes help you score in science, Nature, Apr. 2019

How running redefines success, Science, Aug. 2019

A survey of new PIs in the UK, eLIFE, Sep. 2019

PhDs: the tortuous truth, Nature, Nov. 2019

How to welcome a new international researcher into your team, Nature, Nov. 2019




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