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The Gurdon Institute


The Wellbeing Equality & Diversity Digest is produced monthly. Its primary aim is to stimulate discussion on various topics relating to wellbeing, equality and diversity. Do not hesitate to send comments and suggestions to  or 

WED Digest 1 - Hidden Bias

WED Digest 2 - Menopause

WED Digest 3 - Colour-blindness

WED Digest 4 - Students Special Edition

WED Digest 5 - Impostor syndrome

WED Digest 6 - LGBT+ History Month

WED Digest 7 - Asperger Syndrome

WED Digest 8 - Loneliness (links to sites here

WED Digest 9 - Mental Health Awareness (links to sites here)

WED Digest 10 - Hidden Disability (links to sites here)

WED Digest 11 - Loneliness at Christmas (links to sites here)




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