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Disability Liaison Officer

The Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) of the Institute are Sri Lestari and Hansong Ma. DLOs are a named contact person within a college or department who can be approached by students, staff, and disabled visitors with questions and issues around disability.

The DLOs may not know all the answers, but being the first point of contact, will find out the answer for you or point you in the right direction for advice, information, and support. DLOs also assist the DRC with the circulation of information about disability and the University.


Guidance which may be relevant for Administrators and Line Managers


Occupational Health and Safety Service

The Occupational Health and Safety Service provide advice and support to disabled persons through a risk assessment based approach. Specialised training can be provided to student ‘carers’ for subjects with specific health and safety implications.

Occupational health assessments can be arranged that support individuals at work where a disability or impairment may affect their ability to perform their job tasks. Occupational health practitioners give advice and recommendations to the individual and management regarding necessary modifications and adjustments to the work environment and/or job design.


Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

Although a student-focused service, the DRC provides some services for University Disabled Staff such as access guides and maps. See their Access Guide which contains practical access information about areas in which students, staff and visitors to the University are likely to find themselves. In addition to the Access Guide there are also Access Maps of three of the main University sites showing access facilities for disabled staff, students and visitors.


University Information Services Technology Support

UIS provide a wide range of assistive technology advice, training and support enabling University staff and students with specific requirements to make effective use of information technology. 




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