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Caring Responsibilities


My Family Care

As part of its commitment to wellbeing and supporting employees with caring responsibilities the University of Cambridge has partnered with My Family Care. My Family Care is the UK's leader in delivering family-friendly backup care and will give employees access to a network of child, adult and eldercare across the country, at short notice.

Employees who have a contract of employment with the University can register with the My Family Care Work+Family website at:

It is recommended that you register to the website before you may need to access the backup care service, so that any requests can be processed quickly. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions and familiarise yourself with the costs associated with the My Family Care service in advance of booking a session.





The Institute has created a family/carer email as a way to provide mutual support, share information/advice, offer items for sale/reuse etc between parents & carers within the Institute

To join the group and create a network of people with similar interests, join here using your Ravenpassword and “Subscribe to the list” button.




Support Group



Christmas party

Every year, the Institute organises a Christmas party for the children of staff and students.                                                                                                                                                          






Supporting Parents And Carers @ Cambridge

In a demanding world, seeking the right work-life balance is increasingly important. The University has a variety of policies that aid employees and line managers with family related issues and procedures. 

Links to the relevant policies are provided here. Within those you will find the necessary information concerning e.g. the law, pay, and benefits.

For more information, or indeed clarification, talk to your line manager, and the Business Operations Manager or HR manager of the Institute.



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