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Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Committee

The Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Committee has representatives from all staff and student groups in the Institute.

We welcome comments and suggestions from all Institute members about wellbeing, equality, diversity and related issues.

You can send an  to the committee or you can leave an anonymous comment in the Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Committee's pigeonhole.






Prof Julie Ahringer, Chair





Robert Arnes




Dr Andy Bannister




Edo Dzafic is a PhD student investigating spatial distribution of proteins inside the cells using super-resolution imaging. As part of the WE&D working group, he contributes towards career guidance and support for the research stuff at the Gurdon institute




Di Foster is the Institute's Principal Technician and Deputy Business & Operations Manager, and is also the Wellbeing Advocate.  She organises the annual staff survey allowing everyone to comment on their experiences at the Institute and she is responsible for the internal Wellbeing webpage. She is particularly keen to see support staff championed.




Kay Harnish is a Research Assistant who runs the in-house Sequencing Facility at the Gurdon Institute.  They joined the WE&D working group to ensure the views of LGBTQ and non-gender conforming individuals were considered.





Fiona Jenkinson is a PhD student investigating cell cycle control of DNA replication. She is part of the data and systems subgroup on the WE&D committee and hopes to help optimise work-place inclusivity for a diverse spectrum of human perspectives - and gain a greater appreciation for them while doing so.




Helen Lonergan (Co-Chair) is the Business and Operations Manager of the Institute, and it is personally important to her that we have the best operational and working practices we can, for all.




Dr Miriam Lynn (ex-officio member) is a Senior Equality & Diversity Consultant for the University of Cambridge.



Dr Hansong Ma is a Research Group Leader working on mitochondrial genome. She is the responsible officers for all the students in Gurdon. She is also part of the career guidance and support team that helps students, postdocs and young group leaders to obtain mentorship and career guidance.



Ragini Medhi is a PhD student researching on RNA biology in cancer.  As a part of the WE&D working group, she contributes towards public engagement to communicate science in non-technical terms and inspire the next generation of future young biologists.



Dr Sylviane Moss is the Safety and Compliance Manager of the Institute. She enjoys engaging with people on all sorts of matters including equality and diversity and she publishes a monthly WE&D digest with Di Foster.



Dr Claire O'Brien (Co-chair) is the Institute's Communications Officer. Claire is interested in women’s career choices and in a work environment that is supportive and inclusive for all. Has two teenage children and in the past worked part-time to improve the work/life juggling act.



Dr Emma Rawlins is a Research Group Leader working on lung development and lung stem cells. She is interested in research career structures and mentoring.



Prof Daniel St Johnston



Dr Jelle van den Ameele is a Clinical Research Associate and he is member of GIPA (the Gurdon Institute Postdocs Association).



Peter Williamson is a Computer Associate and he has just joined the WE&D working group.



Previous members of the Committee:



Until December 2018:

Dr Bishara Marzook was a post-doctoral research associate interested in moving cells, micro-organisms, and microscopes. She joined the Equality and Diversity committee to try to highlight the voices of minorities and underdogs in the sciences.