The Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund

A memorial fund was created in Anne’s name, to endow an annual event or support the work of a scholar in a relevant field. Our grateful thanks to all donors, whose names are listed below


Professor Andrea Brand (Gurdon Institute)
Professor Sarah Franklin (Chair, Christ’s College)
Professor Martin Johnson (Secretary, Christ’s College)
Professor Elizabeth Robertson (Oxford University)
Professor Susan Michie (nominated family member)
Miss Elizabeth Norris (Christ’s College)
Professor Sir Jim Smith (Christ’s College)
Professor Azim Surani (King’s College)
• Dr Thorsten Boroviak (Christ’s College)

Co-opted member:
Professor Jonathan Michie (Kellogg College, Oxford)


1. This fund commemorates in perpetuity the work and values of Anne McLaren DBE, FRS (1927-2007), Fellow Commoner of Christ’s College and Fellow of King’s College Cambridge.
2. The Trustees of the Fund shall be the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Christ’s College in the University of Cambridge and the powers and discretions of the Trustees shall be exercised by the Council of Christ’s College who shall appoint Managers of the Fund from among the Fellows of the College. The Council shall normally invite a representative of King’s College Cambridge, of the Gurdon Institute Cambridge, and of the family of Anne McLaren to be among the managers.
3. The capital of the Fund shall be invested in the Consolidated Investment Fund of Christ’s College.
4. The income from the fund shall be used by the Fund Managers to promote knowledge, study and research in mammalian (including human) reproductive, developmental and stem cell biology (including developmental genetics and epigenetics), and reproductive medicine, especially by those whose work also engages with social and ethical aspects of these fields.
5. The Fund Managers shall attempt to make an award from the fund annually.
6. The term study shall be interpreted in a broad sense and be taken to include invited lectures, and bursaries or research support at undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral worker levels.
7. Any award made from the Fund shall have Anne McLaren’s name clearly and publicly identified with it.
8. In making awards, the Fund Managers shall be mindful of Anne McLaren’s commitment to the support of junior women scientists, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, developing countries, or who fail to realise early potential through circumstances beyond their control, and those whose career has been interrupted by parenting.
9. The Governing Body of the College may, on the advice of the Council, require that any person to whom an award from the fund is made who is not already a member of Christ’s College, become a member of the College and may grant any other association with or privileges, if any, in the College as may be determined in each case after considering the advice of the Fund Managers.
10. Any income not applied as aforesaid in any year may at the discretion of the Fund Managers either be applied as income of any subsequent year or be added to capital.
11. The Fund Managers shall be allowed to combine use of funds from this Fund with that from other funds, if that seems appropriate to them in purpose and scope, and as long as the name of Anne McLaren appears as part of the combined award.

Contributors to the Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund

• The Hon Michael McLaren
• Dr Alan Winter
• Prof Chris Abell
• Sir Gabriel Horn
• Prof Sir Hans Kornberg
• Lady Ann Aberconway
• Sir Eric Ash
• Mr Bath Batt
• Dr Eric Bell
• Dr Paul Burgoyne
• Miss Barbara Carlisle 
• Sir Kenneth Carlisle 
• Prof & Dr Anne & Jonathan Cooke      
• Prof Athene Donald
• Prof Malcolm Ferguson-Smith 
• J V Field 
• Profs Uta & Chris Frith 
• Dr David Grant 
• Dr Jennifer Gunning 
• Dr John Gurdon 
• Prof Julia Higgins 
• Mr Chris Kasrils 
• Prof Eric Keverne 
• Prof Theresa Marteau 
• Prof Anthony Maxwell
• Azim Surani’s Research Group 
• Profs Jim Smith and Fiona Watt 
• Dr Anne Ferguson-Smith 
• Prof and Mrs William Allen 
• Prof Emeritus Leslie Brent 
• Prof Felix Beck 
• Dr Robert McLaren 
• Carolyn Downs 
• Susan Michie 
• Paul Clyndes 
• Kay Elder 
• Alastair Downie 
• Brian Heap 
• Elizabeth Norris 

• Mr Christopher McLaren 
• Prof Emily Jackson 
• Dr Christopher Graham 
• Sir Michael Atiyah 
• Dr Mary Lyon 
• Miss Lara McLaren 
• Mr John Michie 
• Prof Nicholas Mitchison 
• Mrs Katharine Newell 
• Dr Duncan Odom 
• Prof Emeritus Martin Raff 
• Prof Martin Rees 
• Miss Jessamy Pollock 
• Mr Julian Pollock 
• Mrs Lisa Robinson
• Dr Tanya Shovlin 
• Prof Elizabeth Simpson 
• Mrs Victoria Taylor 
• Lady Julia Tugendhat 
• Baroness (Mary) Warnock 
• Sir Andrew Watson 
• Prof David Whittingham 
• R. Robert Popeo 
• Miss Virginia Browne-Wilkinson 
• Prof Lucjan Lewitter 
• Scottish Stem Cell Network 
• Prof Peter Landshoff 
• Prof Frank Kelly 
• Prof Martin Johnson 
• Dr & Mrs John West 
• Prof Joe Herbert 
• The Kohn Foundation 
• Jonathan Michie 
• Caroline Michie 
• Julian Lewis 
• John Clarke 
• Blanche Capel 
• Anthony Smith 
• Lord Walton of Detchant