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Our impact

We have an impressive record of successfully translating our research to develop new businesses and improve human health

Our research across 30 years has led to the founding of more than a dozen spin-out companies.

BRCA1 mutant cell chromosomes Jackson

KuDOS Pharmaceuticals

Steve Jackson’s company developed PARP inhibitors which were taken on by AstraZeneca in 2006 to become a globally successful cancer treatment.

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Tony Kouzarides and his former postdoc Jonathan Milner started an antibody supply company now worth £billions.

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Ball of colourful cells of developing embryo Hackett et al


Azim Surani set up this company to create impact from early epigenetics research, and today it develops p300/CBP inhibitors against cancer.

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Chemicals on shelf in Kouzarides lab

Chroma Therapeutics

Based in Oxford and founded in 2004 by Tony Kouzarides, Chroma Therapeutics discovers and develops novel small-molecule drugs for the treatment of common cancers and inflammatory disorders.


Tissue culture plates being fed in the Jackson lab

Mission Therapeutics

Steve Jackson’s second company studies de-ubiquitylating enzymes as potential targets for therapeutics.

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Human stem cell derived neurons

Talisman Therapeutics

Established in 2014 by former group leader Rick Livesey, Talisman uses novel human stem cell models of dementia in the search for drugs that target neurodegenerative disease.

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Diagram of the structure of the Zika virus RNA genome

STORM Therapeutics

Founded jointly by Eric Miska and Tony Kouzarides and aimed at tackling disease by modulating RNA-modifying enzymes.

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Mini brain or neuronal ganglion in culture by Philippe Berg

Gen 2 Neuro

Set up by former group leader Rick Livesey to discover drugs for dementia by identifying extracellular, pathogenic, forms of tau.

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The most recent spin-out from the Institute is Adrestia Therapeutics, founded by Steve Jackson. The company is developing therapeutics that work in a new way – restoring the biological balance in damaged, diseased or dying cells.

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