Tattoo my Science

Explore our cutting edge biology research through fun, temporary tattoos designed by scientists working in our labs

An illustration showing three friends chatting about a DNA tattoo the the person in the middle has

What is Tattoo my Science?

Tattoo my Science invites people to explore the research taking place at the Gurdon Institute through thought-provoking and interesting temporary tattoos designed by our researchers, staff and students.

The team from the Gurdon attend local events with our temporary tattoo kits and invite everyone to come along and chat with us about the designs, our research and life at the Gurdon.

Check out our past designs

The Tattoo my Science programme was originally launched in 2019 and then re-launched in 2023 with a suite of new designs.

Follow the link below to explore the tattoo designs created by labs for the first iteration of the project.

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This project was inspired by our colleagues at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology in Edinburgh. Check out their Tattoo my Science project here.