Teachers and scientists carrying out an activity on a laptop

Scientists Collaborative Project with Educators (SCoPE)

A suite of free-to-use, curriculum-linked tools for GCSE and A-level biology teachers, to help students to think critically about science, understand the value and relevance of the topics they are studying, and better understand research as a potential career path.

Two vials with flies in front of a microscope and large microscope artwork

What is SCoPE?

Teachers and Gurdon Institute scientists co-created four innovative teaching ‘toolkits’to use in biology classrooms across the UK. These toolkits are part of our public engagement programme and their development was funded by Wellcome, therefore they are FREE for teachers and students to use.

Read more about the toolkits that have been created and arrange to borrow or use them via our website.

The Cell Explorer

A free online, interactive 3D model allowing students to explore sub-cellular structures and processes in detail.

Illustration showing two tanks with dark and lighter brown coloured mice. Below is a diagram showing the DNA sequence of each of the two mouse phenotypes.

Explore Epigenetics

A three-part toolkit including a hands-on classwork to explore the mechanisms of gene regulation by transcription factors, DNA methylation and histone acetylation, an online interactive animation and a homework to recap knowledge linked to Sanger Sequencing.

Fruit Fly Larvae Dissection

This practical activity uses magnifiers and classroom microscopes to view and dissect fruit fly larvae, allowing students to observe the size and scale of cells, tissues and organs and develop an appreciation for shared anatomical features of flies and humans.

The Unlocking Genetic Editing workshop kit laid out on a desk

Unlocking Genetic Editing

Free team-based puzzle-solving game for reviewing transcription, translation and the structure of DNA and RNA. This activity also provides a brief introduction to gene editing and the CRISPR-Cas9 technique

SCoPE Project Team working around a table on one of the toolkits


  • Scientists from the Gurdon Institute
  • State school AS/A/GCSE-level teachers
  • Consultant learning specialists to help guide toolkit development and production
  • Professional designers or game developers specialised in products related to science and education
  • Evaluators from the Cambridge University Faculty of Education
  • The Gurdon Institute Public Engagement Team

We are very grateful for the time and contributions of Fran Riga and Mark Winterbottom, all of the teachers, scientists, learning specialists and others who made this project possible. Thank you!