Poster for the GIPA Inequality Retreat 2018

By Dr Federica Marinaro, Livesey lab


Postdoc life at the Institute

Postdocs and Research Associates together make up our biggest staff category, and are the engine of our research output!

There are numerous benefits to doing your postdoc at the Institute:

  • We value diversity and inclusivity. Around half the Institute research staff are from the EU, and a further quarter are from the rest of the world.
  • The Gurdon Institute Postdoc Association, GIPA, brings people together across the Institute socially and runs a seminar series, career paths workshops and an annual one-day retreat.
  • Cambridge is a thriving city and the University sits at the heart of one of the world’s largest technology clusters, including the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.
  • The Cambridge Colleges offer opportunities to secure paid supervising roles and other associations leading to dining rights and small stipends.
  • The University’s Postdoc Academy has many further resources supporting life as a Cambridge postdoc.

After training at the Institute, many of our postdocs move on to take up group leader positions around the world. Among our alumni, 220 are now running their own labs. Others move to industry, especially local biotech companies, or use their science in wider roles.

Panel session and audience at the GIPA retreat

Panel session at the GIPA retreat

Flask for growing yeast to feed to worms in the Ahringer labe

The Institute’s inclusive and supportive attitude – such as the children’s Christmas party – gave me the tools to balance work and family life.

Female postdoc
Hand holding a tube of fruit flies in the Brand lab

“I am moving towards a group leader role which I never wanted to do previously, so it is a positive step.”

Male postdoc
Chick eggs in incubator in the Xiong lab

….without the Institute’s support, my career would have been derailed completely. The Institute basically rescued my scientific career!

Female postdoc
Researchers at bench Jackson lab

Become a postdoc at the Institute

There are several different routes to obtaining a postdoc position. You can be employed as a Research Associate, or you may be able to secure independent funding as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

How to apply

  • Make an enquiry directly to the group leader you want to work with (note our Privacy policy regarding any personal information that you send to us). Group leaders are always keen to hear from talented scientists with an interest in cancer and developmental biology.
  • Keep an eye on the advertised positions for postdocs through the University’s jobs page and on our Careers overview page for when specific roles are on offer, such as Group Leader or Research Associate roles.