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  • 6 January 2018: Prof Kate Hardy’s Anne McLaren Distinguished Scientist Lecture – One orchestra, three conductors: How to fine tune early follicle development was given at the Society for Reproduction and Fertility. Find out more about Fertility 2018 here.

• 12 December 2017Widening Translation: emerging models of successful science: An international conference co-sponsored by the Anne McLaren Memorial Fund and the Wellcome Trust. Visit to register.



• 20 July 2017An evening celebrating the life of Anne McLaren at the British Library: The British Library in partnership with the Anne McLaren Trust presented an evening celebrating the life and work of Dame Anne McLaren. Details at

• 2008: The Future of Biological Control: the legacy of Anne McLaren in law, ethics and policy in reproductive biomedicine. Wellcome Collection Conference Centre. Documented in
• 2008: Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. John Gurdon, 'The reversal of cell differentiation and prospects for cell replacement therapy'. Video and audio files can be downloaded at:
• 2008: 'The Anne McLaren Papers: ADDITIONAL MANUSCRIPTS 83830-83981', The British Library, 2008  A short blog describing the archive and showing views of Anne's notebooks can be found here: Untold Lives - Dame Anne McLaren - A noted career.

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Events supported by the Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund

2017: In December the fund sponsored the Progress Educational Trust (PET) conference Crossing Frontiers: moving the boundaries of human reproduction. A Report on the conference is available

• 2017: In July the fund sponsored the 14th International Limb Development and Regeneration Conference in Edinburgh. Further information is available in the Poster and the Report.

• 2016: Joint sponsor of one-day conference 'Rethinking the ethics of embryo research: genome editing, 14 days and beyond', in London on Wednesday 7 December 2016. Full details, including how to book, can be found at

• 2016: This year the fund is supporting: a session at the annual meeting of the Progress Educational Trust on 'The 14-day rule'; a meeting of the BSDB in Edinburgh entitled 'Using chimaeras to study developmental processes' on 28-30 August, organised by Jenny Nichols and Tristan Rodriguez; and a bursary at Kellogg College, Oxford in conjunction with the inauguration of Anne McLaren House.
• 2015: On 21 October, the Fund sponsored an event run by the Progress Educational Trust, titled 'Beating the Biological Clock - Should You Freeze Your Eggs?' at University College London. This was a public debate about egg freezing when there is no medical need. The event was chaired by Kate Brian, with speakers Professor Barry Fuller, Dr Francoise Shenfield, Dr Imogen Goold and Professor Maureen McNeil. Around 180 members of public attended, a significant number of which were female and under 46; it was clear from the question and answer session that some people had a personal interest in the topic. A fuller report can be downloaded (500k PDF).
• 2014: On 2nd December the Progress Educational Trust annual meeting on 'The Commercialisation of Life' at the Institute of Child Health, London, included a session sponsored by the Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund, with a focus on fertility treatment. A panel consisting of Peter Thompson (Chief Executive of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), Professor Willem Ombelet, John Parsons and Dr Yacoub Khalaf discussed whether and how IVF can be provided more cheaply, and debated the evidence for the efficacy of some of the procedures that are offered/sold to patients. The aim of this session was to be provocative, to generate discussion about the increasing cost of fertility treatment in the UK, and to juxtapose this with the 'Walking Egg Project' - which aims to bring low-cost IVF to less economically developed countries. The session did not disappoint!
• 2013: In March, the Trustees sponsored a meeting in Christ's College Cambridge's Visual Arts Centre at the launch of an exhibition, 'Excavating the past', by Syrian-born artist Issam Kourbaj, to raise money for Syrian mothers and their families.
• 2012: In December, the Trustees sponsored a lecture at the 'Futures in Reproduction' meeting to celebrate the award of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine to Professor Sir Robert Edwards, held in Churchill College, Cambridge.
• 2012Quangoing, Going, Gone: What should happen to the HFEA? A meeting held in conjunction with the Progress Educational Trust on 11th September in the Darwin Lecture Theatre, University College London.
• 2011: 'Oops, I forgot to have a baby!' An interactive workshop took place on 10th February at the University of Cambridge Clinical School at Addenbrooke's Hospital, in association with the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Forum (CIRF). Just over 20 clinical medical students attended, to discuss age-related fertility decline and its particular relevance to future doctors. The workshop was led by Anastasia Theodosiou, a clinical medical student, and Irenee Daly, whose PhD research explores women's understanding and views on age-related fertility decline, but has not tackled the attitudes and opinions of doctors and medical students. Medics, however, are uniquely placed to cast further light on these issues: they are willingly engaged in one of the most time-consuming and demanding professional pathways, but are also in the position to understand the biological realities of age-related fertility decline.
• 2010The End of the HFEA: Are We Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater? In the 20th anniversary year of the UK's Human Fertilisation and Ebryology Authority, an evening debate was held at the Royal Society on 17th January, organised by the Progress Educational Trust in partnership with the Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund and supported by the Medical Research Council, to discuss how fertility treatment and embryo research could (and should) be regulated in future.
• 2010: An Anne McLaren Fund Public Education Event was held on 10 March in The Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ's College when Melanie Davies and Susan Bewley led a discussion on the reality of ovarian ageing for the young professional woman.


Other international events organised in Anne's memory

The Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture given at the International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting
• 2015: ISSCR 13th Annual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden. The Eighth Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture by given by Jeannie T. Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA.
• 2014: ISSCR 12th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada. The Seventh Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture was given by Robin Lovell-Badge, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, UK, 'Sex, stem cells, physiology and policy'.
• 2012: ISSCR 10th Annual Meeting, Yokohama, Japan. The Fifth Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture was given by Fiona Watt, who presented her recent research into the regulation of epidermal stem cell fate decisions by intrinsic and extrinsic signaling.
• 2011: ISSCR 9th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada. The Fourth Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture was given by Dr. Nicole Le Douarin, who reinforced the importance of our understanding of early development and particularly focused on the contributions of neural crest derivatives to adult tissues and how they may inform, and confound, current work investigating adult stem cells.
• 2010: ISSCR 8th Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA, USA. The Third Annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture was given by Brigid L Hogan, Duke University.

The Anne McLaren Lecture, part of the Gurdon Institute Seminar Series
• 2013: Amanda Fisher, Imperial College, London, 'Reprogramming and cellular dominance'.
• 2012: Suzanne Eaton, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics, Dresden, 'Lipoproteins and signaling lipids in the Hedgehog pathway'.
• 2010: Susan Gasser of the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, 'Remodelling the nucleus through development'.

The Dame Anne McLaren Lecture, UK Stem Cell Network
• 2011: 4th Annual Science Meeting, University of York. The fourth Dame Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture given by Professor Gail Martin, University of California in San Francisco, USA.
• 2010: 3rd Annual Science Meeting, University of Nottingham. The Third Dame Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture given by Dr Fiona Watt of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research in Cambridge.
• 2009: 2nd Annual Science Meeting, Oxford. The second Dame Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture was given by Dr. Janet Rossant, head of research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and Deputy Scientific Director of the Stem Cell Network.