Experiments in Art & Science

In partnership with the Kettle’s Yard art gallery in Cambridge, Experiments in Art & Science brought together three artists who collaborated with our scientists to develop works inspired by our scientific research.

Project Aims

The aims of the project were to:

    • inspire excitement and interest in science
    • disseminate the work of the Institute to a wider and broader public
    • engage hard-to-reach audiences of all ages who may not usually attend science programmes
    • encourage meaningful collaboration between artists and scientists
    • provide artists with the opportunity to experiment
    • provide scientists the opportunity to discuss their research with people they wouldn’t normally interact with

What was created as part of the project?

A dance performance, two videos and a virtual reality experience were the result of a 10-month collaboration between three labs in the Institute, three contemporary artists and Kettle’s Yard.

The Borked Brain

David Blandy worked with the Livesey Lab (previously at the Gurdon Institute), specifically scientists Alessio Strano, Ashley Campbell and Lewis Evans, observing their visualisations of human brains grown from stem cells, using this research as a way to think about consciousness, identity and technology.

Morpho Chemical

Created by artist Rachel Pimm (2018)

With Special thanks to:
Emilia Santos, David Jordan, Isabela Cunha Navarro, Kin Man Suen, Miranda Landgraf, Eric Miska, Harriet Loffler, Helene Doerflinger

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