Group of students wearing lab coats and working at a desk with microscopes

The Mobile Lab

Bringing our labs and our world-leading research to primary school classrooms across Cambridgeshire

One girl looking through a microscope lens while the other takes notes

What’s involved?

Each visit consists of a two-hour, hands-on workshop for 30 children in Year 5.

Armed with a lab coat and an inquisitive mind, the children are guided to use through mini experiments using our suite of microscopes, discovering what a cell looks like, and understanding how studying seemingly simple animals such as fruit flies can help us better understand how our own bodies grow and develop.

Please note that we are not currently running Mobile Lab sessions

However, if you are affiliated with a primary school and would like to work with us in future please do let us know!

Table with primary school children using microscopes and taking notes
Colourful plastic model of an animal cell

I really enjoyed the workshop because I thought science was boring but now I think it’s really fun, especially because I got to look through a microscope!

Colourful plastic model of an animal cell

I did enjoy it because it was so interesting and it felt like I was a real scientist.

Colourful plastic model of an animal cell

I enjoyed the workshop because it was the best science lesson ever!