The “Chromatin” temporary tattoo was designed for the Tchasovnikarova lab group to represent their research as part of the Tattoo my Science project.


In every human cell there is approximately 2 metres of DNA which is wrapped around specialised proteins called histones to form a compact, organised structure known as chromatin.

The Tchasovnikarova lab study how changes in this structure allow for the correct set of genes to be switched on and off, and how this process goes wrong in diseases such as cancer.

Designed by Laura Farleigh Smith

Tchasovnikarova Lab Group

Genetic interrogation of epigenetic pathways

We study epigenetic pathways and the mechanisms through which these processes are corrupted by disease-associated mutations in chromatin regulators. We aim to (1) understand the mechanisms utilised by chromatin modifiers to exert their function in healthy human cells, and (2) examine how these mechanisms are altered in human disorders in molecular detail.

Iva Tchasovnikarova colour portrait

Meet Iva Tchasovnikarova

This short video features Iva discussing her lab’s┬áresearch on the regulation of gene expression by repressors, and their potential role in disease.

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