Growing Lungs

The ‘Growing Lungs’ temporary tattoo was designed for the Rawlins lab group to represent their research as part of the Tattoo my Science project.

Growing Lungs

The lungs are essential organs for human to breathe. How are the lungs built during embryonic development and how are the adult lungs maintained after injury?

We have been studying human lung development using embryonic tissue, in order to decipher human lung development and use the knowledge in disease modelling.

Design by Shuyu Liu ⠀ ⠀

Rawlins Lab Group

Stem and progenitor cells in the mammalian lung

How do stem cells build and maintain the lung? The complicated three-dimensional structure of our lungs is essential for respiration and host defence. Building this structure relies on the correct sequence of division and differentiation events by lung progenitor cells, which also maintain the slowly turning-over airway epithelium in the adult. How is the production of different cell types controlled in embryonic development and adult maintenance?

We apply mouse genetics, live imaging, single-cell molecular analysis and mathematical modelling to understand lung stem cells, with a longer-term aim of directing endogenous lung cells to repair, or regenerate, diseased tissue.

Emma Rawlins colour portrait

Meet Emma Rawlins

In this video Emma describes her research on lung development, maintenance and repair.

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