Media Kitchen

The ‘Media Kitchen’ temporary tattoo was designed for the Gurdon Institute Media Team to represent their work as part of the Tattoo my Science project.

Media Kitchen

The Gurdon Institute has a facility called the ‘Media Kitchen’ where a team of technicians provide buffers, growth media, worm plates, bacterial plates, fly vials and solutions to the researchers working in the labs. They also collect and wash used glassware and ensure lab supplies are sterile.

Typical annual production of media includes 400,000 vials and bottles of fly food, 300,000 nematode worm plates, and over 100 recipes for buffers, media & solutions.

Design by Natalie Walls

The Media Team

The Media Team, at the heart of the Gurdon Institute, make and provide growth media, culture plates and dozens of different chemical solutions that are used by the Institute scientists. The team also collect and wash the dirty glassware. This wonderful core service means that scientists have more time to spend on their research, and their experiments benefit from using consistent, high-quality supplies.

Team leader Juanita Baker-Hay explains the team’s role, as we catch them going about their work

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