Under Pressure

The Under Pressure temporary tattoo was designed for the Xiong lab group to represent their research as part of the Tattoo my Science project.

Under Pressure

We use chicken embryos, which are only a few millimetres long, to understand the forces involved in shaping the body during early vertebrate embryo development.

This image depicts a chicken embryo in blue with red triangles representing a tool for measuring the pressure inside the embryo brain during an early stage of development. These measurements help to understand how pressure shapes the developing central nervous system.

Tattoo design by Lauren Moon

Xiong Lab Group

Tissue morphogenesis by mechanics and cell dynamics

What forces drive tissue morphogenesis? Embryos are made of soft materials consisting of cells with limited mechanical capacities, yet they develop in a robust and coordinated manner and produce large-scale deformations (morphogenesis). We are interested in the ways in which developing tissues produce and respond to mechanical forces in order to achieve the correct shape and pattern.

Fengzhu Xiong colour portrait

Meet Fengzhu Xiong

This short video features Fengzhu discussing his lab’s┬áresearch on mechanical forces in development.

An illustration showing three friends chatting about a DNA tattoo the the person in the middle has

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