Why Worms?

The ‘Why Worms?’ temporary tattoo was designed for the Gurdon Institute to represent their research as part of the Tattoo my Science project.

Why Worms?

The worm known as C. elegans is a great model animal for scientists. Although worms are much simpler than humans (they don’t have bones, a heart, or a circulatory system), 35% of their genes are closely related to human genes and they share many molecular biological processes with us.

C. elegans was also the first animal to have its whole genome sequenced, in 1998.

The Great BioQuest

This design was created as part of the Gurdon Institute Public Engagement Project, The Great BioQuest.

The Great BioQuest is a fun, family-friendly trail around Cambridge City Centre that allows you to explore the historically and scientifically significant sites, all while answering questions and following a trail on your mobile device.

The trails are all fully accessible and it’s completely free to play.

Stylised illustration of Xenopus frog on a riverbed surrounded by pebbles and aquatic plants
Stylised image of a fruit fly sat on an apple that has been sliced in half

Meet the Artist

This tattoo design, and all of the artwork for The Great BioQuest, was created by artist Claudia Flandoli.rnrnClick the link below to view her portfolio, read her blog u0026amp; sign up to her newsletter.

An illustration showing three friends chatting about a DNA tattoo the the person in the middle has

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