Microscopy image of human fetal lung explant shows birfurcating tips (red) and airway smooth muscle actin (cyan); by John Russell (Rawlins lab)

Rawlins lab shares in £8 million award for lung research

10.10.22  Researchers at the Universities of Leicester, Nottingham and Cambridge, including Emma Rawlins at the Gurdon Institute and Joo Hyeon-Lee at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, have been granted a Wellcome Discovery Award to speed up gene discoveries for lung conditions.

The £8 million, 8-year project is led by Professor Martin Tobin at the University of Leicester and is the first collaboration designed to connect data science, genomics and cell biology to tackle debilitating lung conditions. Chronic respiratory disease –  including conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma – is the third leading cause of death globally. The researchers aim to find new genes involved in lung function in order to identify drug targets for new treatments.

The Rawlins lab will contribute unique expertise in growing lung organoids that are amenable to genetic manipulation, multiomic analyses and the latest imaging techniques.


Read the full press release on the University of Leicester website.