Illustration of two people kneeling with palms touching and their bodies made of little geometric shapes to represent cells

Illustration by Ellie Shipman

Letterbox Science

Using art to inspire discussions that explore our work in a way that is friendly, informal and accessible to everyone.

Illustration of someone shown upside down under a blanket and then the same person appearing to jump in the air with a superhero cape on. There are mitochondria weaving between the two figures.

Illustration by Ellie Shipman

What is Letterbox Science?

Letterbox Science is a project led by scientists Anna Klucnika and Eleanor McCartney (Ma lab) who worked with artist Ellie Shipman to design a suite of postcards that explore three of the ideas we explore in the labs: cells, DNA and mitochondria.

How does it work?

These postcards can be used as prompts to encourage discussion about the biology of our bodies, as well as creative responses such as artwork and writing. There is also the opportunity to let us know what you find interesting and where you think our scientists should be researching next!

Stack of Letterbox Science postcards showing illustrations of cells, DNA, mitochondria and Anna and Eleanor, the lead researchers

Get involved

Are you part of a school, community group or other organisation that may like to get involved with the project?

Click to download our Teacher’s Document and General Info Booklet for more information and ideas for how the resources could help get your group more involved with research in Cambridge.

Microscopy image showing a cell nucleus coloured pink and the mitochondria in blue
Illustration of scientists Anna (left) and Eleanor (right)

Get in touch

For more information, or to request a free package of materials as part of the project, contact us.