Shelves with microscopes lined up

Nikon CSU-W1 SoRa spinning disk confocal microscope

Nikon SoRa microscope and captured image on adjacent screen
Technical spec of the Nikon SoRa spinning disk microscope

Technology focus

Spinning disk confocal microscopes use a spinning disk of pinholes to reject out-of-focus light, resulting in optical sectioning. Unlike a point-scanning confocal, the whole field of view is simultaneously illuminated and the image captured on a camera chip. The resulting improvement in speed and the lower light load makes a spinning disk confocal ideal for live imaging. 

The SoRa disk contains a modified micro-lens pinhole array, which enables optical photon reassignment. This gives rise to a 1.4x resolution improvement over standard spinning disk technology. 

The water pump allows multi-area, timelapse and high-content plate screening with the high NA water objectives by maintaining the meniscus across the entire plate.