A specimen illuminated by fluorescent light on microscope stage in St Johnston lab


The Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility offers a wide variety of advanced light microscopy systems and provides support with experimental design, sample preparation, image acquisition, computational image analysis and data presentation as well as microscopy training

Diagram of workflow in imaging and image analysis at the Gurdon Institute

Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility microscopes

If you are interested in using one of our microscopes in your research, please head to the Gurdon Institute Imaging Facility Website for more information about arranging a visit.

Researcher sitting at microscope in the Ma lab
Imaging group

Our team of imaging specialists

Nicola Lawrence PhD: Head of Imaging

With a background in developmental biology, Nicola Lawrence has extensive experience of experimental design, sample preparation and image acquisition using a wide variety of techniques from standard wide-field and confocal, to more complex methods such as structured illumination and light-sheet microscopy.

Richard Butler PhD: Image Analysis Specialist

Purnima Kumar PhD: Imaging Associate