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Probing pathways in Xist-mediated gene silencing

In this Nature Structural & Molecular Biology article, the Surani lab jointly with Edith Heard's Institut Curie lab examine the early development of female mouse embryos that lack Xist. This long non-coding RNA is an epigenetic regulator of gene expression by the X chromosome. Xist mutants show major perturbations in developmental pathways and die soon after implantation.

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Stem cell behaviour in mammary duct morphogenesis

The Simons lab, with colleagues in Cambridge and the Netherlands, combine genetic-lineage tracing and whole-gland mapping to identify the location and number of mammary stem cells and define quantitatively how the fate of these cells translates into organ structure.

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Front cover splash for Gurdon Institute research

This fabulous image from the Piddini lab's research on cell competition using the Drosophila gut as a model, by former lab member Saskia Suijkerbuijk, is on the cover of the new programme for this year's Cambridge Science Festival (13-26 March). The Gurdon Institute will be running a hands-on event on 18th March and taking part in two panel discussions and a film seminar - come and meet us there!

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Two conserved Cdc20 binding motifs essential in mitotic checkpoint

The Pines lab demonstrate how two sequences in protein BubR1 of the Mitotic Checkpoint Complex (MCC) bind to Cdc20 and are required for the MCC to bind and inhibit the Anaphase Promoting Complex/Cyclosome. This is a key role in preventing replicated chromosomes from segregating incorrectly when cells divide, and the sequences are highly conserved throughout evolution.

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Next in the Gurdon Institute Seminar Series

Coming up on Tuesday 28th February 2017, we welcome Irene Miguel-Aliaga (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences) with her talk on ’Sex differences in organ size and plasticity’. All welcome.

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Azim Surani to deliver Linacre Lecture

Prof Azim Surani will deliver the St John's College Linacre Lecture on Monday 20th February at 5pm, entitled 'Human Germline: The eternal link between all generations'. Surani lab members have also had a share of the limelight: Naoko Irie and Walfred Tang were recently interviewed by Italian and Japanese TV stations.

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Piddini secures Wellcome SRF

Congratulations to Group Leader Eugenia Piddini on being awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from Wellcome. This will allow her to build on her exciting discoveries on cell competition, and to investigate how these phenomena could be harnessed for therapeutic strategies in regenerative medicine and cancer.

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Studying development to understand disease

The Gurdon Institute is funded by the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK to study the biology of development, and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in cancer and other diseases.


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