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Cell competition eliminates unhealthy cells

Eugenia Piddini’s group, with the help of Ben Simons, have studied what happens when the health of some cells in a population is sub-optimal, and find that these cells are eliminated from a tissue by competition from healthy cells. This mechanism could help delay the insurgence of disease and ageing.

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Ben Simons awarded Royal Society’s Gabor Medal

Professor Ben Simons of the Gurdon Institute and the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge has been recognised for his groundbreaking research that applies mathematical techniques to analyse patterns of stem cell replication and differentiation.

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Maintaining the airway epithelium

The Rawlins and Simons groups have investigated the steady-state, slow turnover of cells lining the mouse trachea and revealed two populations of basal cells: stem cells and committed luminal cells.

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Tony Kouzarides launches Therapeutics Consortium and Milner Therapeutics Institute

An innovative new Consortium will act as a ‘match-making’ service between pharmaceutical companies and researchers in Cambridge, with the aim of developing and studying designer medicines for globally important diseases. In 2018 the Consortium will operate from the new Milner Therapeutics Institute on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

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Opening of New Alzheimer's Research Centre

The new Alzheimer's Stem Cell Research Centre has opened at the Gurdon Institute, uniting stem cell researchers at the University of Cambridge, and University College London, with an aim of researching into the causes of Alzheimer's Disease, and to test new treatments.

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