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Maintaining the airway epithelium

The Rawlins and Simons groups have investigated the steady-state, slow turnover of cells lining the mouse trachea and revealed two populations of basal cells: stem cells and committed luminal cells.

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Steve Jackson to deliver the Sackler lecture

Professor Stephen Jackson FRS FMedSci, Senior Group Leader and Head of CRUK Laboratories, Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, will deliver the 2015 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in the Medical Sciences on Thursday 25th June at the School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

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Epigenetic reprogramming in human germline

Azim Surani’s group led a newly published study showing comprehensive erasure of DNA methylation, resetting the epigenome in human primordial germ cells. Regions of the genome that escaped erasure included genes associated with neurological and metabolic disorders.

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Andrea Brand talks neuroscience

In this podcast from the Cambridge Neuroscience 2015 Seminar, Andrea Brand from the Gurdon Institute describes her pioneering work on neural stem cells. Using the fruit fly (Drosophila) as a model, she has discovered that insulin plays a key role in 'waking up' stem cells to generate new neurons in the adult.

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Opening of New Alzheimer's Research Centre

The new Alzheimer's Stem Cell Research Centre has opened at the Gurdon Institute, uniting stem cell researchers at the University of Cambridge, and University College London, with an aim of researching into the causes of Alzheimer's Disease, and to test new treatments.

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