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2014 Franklin Medal and Prize

Congratulations to Ben Simons who has been awarded the Franklin Medal, which recognises his research applying non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to provide fundamental new insights into the mechanisms that regulate stem cell behaviour in tissue maintenance and disease.

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European Academy of Cancer Sciences

Congratulations to Steve Jackson, who has been elected to the European Academy of Cancer Sciences. The EACS aims to collectively address the societal changes that cancer is posing in Europe at large.

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Wellcome-Beit Prize Fellowship

Congratulations to Meritxell Huch, who has been awarded both the a Sir Henry Dale and a Wellcome-Beit Prize Fellowship. The latter recognises four outstanding biomedical researchers who have been awarded Wellcome Trust fellowship funding.

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Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards

Congratulations to Eric Miska, who has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award for research into transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

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Athena Swan Bronze Medal

Well done and congratulations to our Athena SWAN team for their sterling effort and the Institute's achievement of the Athena SWAN Bronze Award. The Institute is committed to providing equal opportunities and support for all staff and students, irrespective of gender, race, age, disability, religion, marital

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Gurdon Institute Seminar Series

Péter Lénárt, (EMBL Heidelberg)"Microtubules need actin's help in large oocytes, to collect chromosomes and to break the nuclear envelope".
11.30am, Tuesday 21 October, Biochemistry Lecture Theatre, Sanger Building, Tennis Court Road. All welcome to attend.

W. James Nelson, (Stanford, USA)"Evolution of cell-cell adhesion, and new insight into mechanisms in animals".
11.30am, Tuesday 25 November, Biochemistry Lecture Theatre, Sanger Building, Tennis Court Road. All welcome to attend.

Please see the Institute Calendar for details of other seminars.

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