Kyungtae Lim in the Rawlins lab working at the tissue culture cabinet
Publication - Brand - Jackson - Rawlins

Identifying SOX9 as major regulator of lung progenitor self-renewal

SOX9 controls lung epithelial progenitor self-renewal

September 19, 2022

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Pipetting liquid with purple gloved hand in the Brand lab
Publication - Brand

Cph regulates neural stem cell temporal patterning

New temporal transcription factor identified in fruit fly, with mammalian homologues

September 7, 2022

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Fruit fly brain imaged with NanoDam technique fluorescent markers
Publication - Brand

NanoDam finds missing temporal factors

NanoDam reveals Homeobrain and Scarecrow as temporal factors

May 9, 2022

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Researcher in darkened room looking donw microscope (Donovan A in Brand lab)
Publication - Brand

Deciphering Notch’s targets and mechanism

Using Targeted DamID to identify Notch targets in the developing mouse brain

April 25, 2022

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Drosophila under blue scope light
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Fat flies – a slimmed down model of human obesity

Fruit flies can be used as a novel predictive screening tool for human genetics

November 8, 2021

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